Discovery & Analysis

Subscribing to the theory that form follows function, getting to know our clients is an important part of our initial process. In order to design clothing that is suited to your specific requirements, we need to understand what purpose they will serve and what expectations you anticipate need to be met. An in-depth interview considers business, evening, and casual applications. By taking the precious time to collect this valuable information, we are usually able to build a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

Custom Design

Mandel offers unlimited custom uniform possibilities. Our clients determine the model, silhouette, lapel, pocket, and vent style. Some of the exciting decisions you will be called upon to make include such designations as: Single or double-breasted jacket, pleated or plain front trouser or a pencil-line vs formal skirt. Because your garment is truly custom made, you also may select the number and placement of inside pockets and may even opt for the very special detail that marks a true custom uniform. Because we are the experts in guiding you in this venture, we make suggestions along the way and make sure that all of these design details will be perfectly balanced to you and with the other elements of your suit in order to create a unified and harmonious appearance

The Creative Process

Based on the information gathered from the consultation, measuring, and design detailing, a pattern is made expressly for you. Your completely bench-made garment is cut in our own workrooms where the entire production process is carefully monitored for quality assurance.


Once you have decided what garment or garments will be made, the selection of the right fabric to facilitate the desired appearance and function of the garment is crucial to its success. Mandel offers an extensive library of fabrics prescreened from such well-known mills as Milliken, Raxon and Robert Kaufmann. In addition to the customary use of sample books, an abundant stock of actual suit and jacket lengths are always on hand, serving as a helpful tool in the selection of the correct fabric.

Your selected fabric can be made into any of a wide choice of garments, including but not limited to a two or three piece suit, single vest, sport jacket, skirt suit, dress and jacket, trousers, shirt jacket, outer coat, or formal cape. After this important choice is made, we begin to discuss the details of design.

Reproducing Existing Garments

If you need to replenish or replace tattered, stained or damaged existing uniforms, Mandel provides easy solutions for all your  uniform needs. All we require is a sample and in seven days (in most cases) we’ll produce a competitively priced counter sample for your approval.